My Work

As a software engineer in Bay Area, I’m a Linux geek fond of shell scripting, fluent in Scala, Java and SQL. I enjoy the freedom of open source tools, the challenges of security testing, the elegance of responsive web design, and the zen of optimizing code or queries.

I like to take things apart to see how they work. My interests include test automation, vulnerability and load testing. I earned two Master’s degrees in Computer Science and in Instructional Design and Technology from Western Illinois University and I am dedicated to creating scalable, reusable, well-documented and intuitive systems and tools.

I am inspired by the talent behind creative writing and digital art, the ingenuity of free and open source software contributors, the collaboration and support of intersecting LGBTQA and immigrant communities. A personal achievement I look back on with pride is teaching my wife Andi how to install and use a Linux operating system.


My Family

I was born and raised in Uralsk before coming to the U.S. My wife Andi is from a much smaller town in Colorado. We are a binational couple directly affected by the Defense of Marriage Act.

Six years after we originally exchanged rings and vows in 2005, we crossed Mississippi river to Iowa to marry again: months before our then-home state, Illinois, began recognizing civil unions. Shortly afterwards, in Spring 2011, we filed our marriage-based green card petition in defiance of DOMA, pressing the immigration judge and later the interviewing official at the USCIS Chicago Field Office, to treat our marriage equally.

The journey changed our life.