Five Things I Love About Bay Area



There’s so much sun and warmth to wake me up from Midwest winter hibernation, though the weather in Silicon Valley is refreshingly cool, all year around. I am still getting used to seeing sunlit sky every single day and not having to worry about winter clothes.



The air here makes me aware of each breath I take. It’s dry and cool, and invigorating. Nothing beats that fresh morning breeze from the lake, with the scent of pine and blossoms of the season.



It’s refreshing to see lakes, streams, or fountains on a daily basis. I am getting used to orienting myself by the hills and the various bodies of water outside. On my morning bike rides, I notice the tides rise and fall in the nearby stream. At night, as I fall asleep, I can hear a chorus of pond frogs.



Many, varied, and green. In the past weeks, I took unforgettable breaths in the shade of giant eucalyptus trees. I’ve found out how incredibly fragrant blood orange blossoms can be. I have picked lemons right off the tree and stood in the shade of the largest willow grove I’ve ever seen.



Everything is saturated, sunny, and fresh, often lit up in unexpected hues. There’s a whole rainbow of diversity, in more ways than one, and at every turn, a new discovery awaits just around the corner. I fit in here among strangers or friends just by being myself.

Discovering Bay Area for the first time is an experience of a sensory overload. Every day I spend in California, I learn a little bit more about my new home. There’s so much to do and to see.

Putting down roots in a new state is a slow process. I am reminding myself to breathe and take in every moment of this journey.


I am here at last.

I’m home.