Discussion of DOMA at WIU

On Apr 25, noon at Western Illinois University Library and May 1, 5PM at WIU Quad Cities Campus, I will discuss the effect of DOMA on binational families and the struggles of the DOMA Project couples.

Discussion of DOMA at WIU

From WIU Calendar:

Time: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Location: Leslie F. Malpass Library, Room 180

Description: The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) has affected the lives of thousands of U.S. citizens and ignited a civil rights battle that wound up in the Supreme Court last week. This much we know. What many of us don’t know is – what does DOMA do to people in our communities? On Thursday, April 25th at Noon in the Leslie F. Malpass Library, Room 180, University Libraries, the University Committee on Sexual Orientation, and WIU’s LGBTQ Center will allow WIU employee, Sveta Apodaca, to describe the struggle she and her wife, Andi, have been through with DOMA.

The Illinois couple had been together for 13 years when they faced a catastrophic prospect of Sveta being sent back to Kazakhstan by means of a DOMA deportation. Sveta lost her employment visa status (and, therefore, her job)—right when she needed the funds to fight the deportation. Sveta and Andi Apodaca did fight DOMA and DOMA fought back. Who won? Well, Sveta is still here telling her story. She will describe her legal struggles, the leadership and assistance she and Andi received from the DOMA Project, a civil rights organization, and explain the struggles of other DOMA Project couples on Thursday.