Growing Pains

Onward, Brave Gardener.

As far as gardening goes, my thumbs completely lack even the subtlest shade of green.

The only things that do survive and sprout against all odds are usually those that aren’t supposed to, like potatoes in the cupboard or carrots in the refrigerator.

Once, Andi came home from a trip, to find the house plant replaced with a sprouting onion. It outlived the plant without any light or water, so it was only fair to give it a better chance.

Oddly enough, green onions are the only ones to do consistently well in my care.

This Frog Approves of Growing Onions

And yet, I’m determined to make the best of it, this summer.¬†Even if all I manage to get out of these planters is an occasional photo of a rainy day visitor.

At least the frog looks right at home among the surviving sprouts.

He sat so still at first, that I mistook him for a planter ornament, and even began to admire the glaze pattern on the miniature, wondering where it came from, when the frog stretched, one stripe of his leg flashing bright yellow, and winked at me.

Shall We Try Garlic Next?

Ready. Set. Go!