Surviving Winter

Mandarin orange peel, cinnamon sticks, candle wax form a new candle. I am a firebug at heart, especially in December. Winter is not my favorite season. My childhood was spent far too close to Siberia, so I had enough snow to last me a lifetime. But there are ways to fight the cold. Ambient sounds of a fireplace, as well as spicy, roasted smells and tastes do bring imaginary warmth to alter the perception of the weather outside just enough.

Freedom of Dreams

This artwork, Freedom of Dreams, was created sometime in 2004. I still remember how it came to be: I’ve laid out a stack of collected magazines on the floor of the first apartment Andi and I have just moved into together, and picked out the brightest pages in my collection. I was a Western Illinois University student, working on my Master’s degree in Computer Science. Andi and I were incredibly poor and immensely happy, together at last!