Five Things I Love About Bay Area

Sunshine. There’s so much sun and warmth to wake me up from Midwest winter hibernation, though the weather in Silicon Valley is refreshingly cool, all year around. I am still getting used to seeing sunlit sky every single day and not having to worry about winter clothes. Air. The air here makes me aware of each breath I take. It’s dry and cool, and invigorating. Nothing beats that fresh morning breeze from the lake, with the scent of pine and blossoms of the season.

Growing Pains

Onward, Brave Gardener. As far as gardening goes, my thumbs completely lack even the subtlest shade of green. The only things that do survive and sprout against all odds are usually those that aren’t supposed to, like potatoes in the cupboard or carrots in the refrigerator. Once, Andi came home from a trip, to find the house plant replaced with a sprouting onion. It outlived the plant without any light or water, so it was only fair to give it a better chance.